Rehearsals are in full swing, and I’m pleased to say our cast are wonderful. I hope you’ll be able to see them in action – tickets are available here.

The cast:

Nadia Shash

Andrew Pugsley

Georgina Blackledge

If you’d like to support the show further, please consider donating to our crowdfunding campaign – we need all the help we can get!

Exciting start to the new year

I’m pleased to announce that Lois Jeary and I will very soon be signing on the dotted line to bring Game Theory to a central London venue in April 2015. As we haven’t signed the contract yet I’m unable to say exactly where, but will do so once we have done so.

In the meantime, we have a super designer on board, Fi Russell, who has already brought some great ideas to the table – it’s really invigorating when a designer’s ideas help you see the play in a new, and even better way.

We are meeting with our producer this Friday, and all being well will be able to announce all the delicious details next week. Especially that bit about how you buy tickets or, even better, donate money to help us get it on its feet.


I’m delighted to announce that GAME THEORY has made the final shortlist for the Bristol Tobacco Factory‘s ScriptSpace development programme. If successful, the play will receive some brilliant dramaturgical expertise, workshops, and all sorts of other lovely things.

Results are expected end of September/early October, so do watch this space for more news.